Starting the process of searching for your next home

Time Management Tips
July 17, 2019
Stages of negotations
July 26, 2019

I know you are excited about looking for your next home, whether you start the process online, an app or with a REALTOR. The average buyer looks online for 18 months before they contact an agent.

So some quick Amy tips when searching for homes:

  1. Be realistic – the homes you may see are not going to be HGTV ready. Can you look at the “bones” of the house (floorplan) and see if it works for you?  Open gameroom concept=potential TV wars. Garage- do you want detached or attached?  Carrying groceries in? Will your vehicle fit in the garage?
  2. There are no basements here, so buyers need to think about that when searching to make sure there is enough storage for your stuff.
  3. Get a pre-approval letter from a lender!!!! All listing agents will want this when you submit offer.
  4. How long do you plan to stay in the home will affect where you are buying for resale value down the road? What type of renovations have to be done to the home to make it yours? Can you do a rehab loan like a FHA 203k for your needs?
  5. Know the loan limits on conventional and FHA for your area. Your REALTOR can help with this but I go to
  6. How long is drive time commute to your jobs? School activities?
  7. What type of lifestyle do you have?
  8. How much are you comfortable with a house payment-not how much you can afford?
  9. Do you have the down payment amount, plus closing costs and costs of inspections?