Synonyms in Real Estate for Texas

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January 2, 2023
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February 1, 2023


So many people may struggle with verbage in real estate as a new agent or even a seasoned agent that might stump us! So here is a quick Amy Tip on the synonyms for studying for your Sales Candidate real estate exam or Broker license exam in Texas. 

  • Blockbusting=Panic Peddling

  • Steering=Channeling

  • Breach=Default

  • Joint Tenancy = Tenancy by the Entirety (Married)

  • Loan Buydown=Discount Points

  • Lot and Block= Recorded Map=Recorded Plat

  • Government Survey System (GSS)= Rectangular Survey System (RSS)

  • Market Data Approach= Sales Comparison Approach

  • Income Approach = Capitalization Method

  • Economic Obsolescence = External Obsolescence =Environmental Obsolescence

  • Special Agency= Limited Agency

  • Homeowner’s Association (HOA) = Property Owner’s Association (POA) = Condominium Association

  • Client= Principal

  • Non-conforming use = grandfathered use

  • Buyer’s Agent = Selling Agent

  • Buyer’s Broker= Selling Broker

  • Escrow Account= Trust Account=Impound Account=Reserve Account

  • Mortgage=Deed of Trust

  • Lender=Creditor=Lienholder=Beneficiary (in a deed of trust)=Mortgage

  • Note=Promissory Note

  • Take Back= Carry Back=Owner Financing =Seller Financing

  • Water’s Edge=Vegetation Line – High Tide line

  • Alienation =Transfer = Due on Sale of Clause

  • Devise=real property inherited by will

  • Devisee=beneficiary=heir-recipient of real property by will

  • Personal Property=Personalty=Chattel

  • Forcible Entry and Detainer=Eviction

  • Recording=Filing

  • Closing=Consummation

  • Fixture=Improvement (not an accessory)

  • Contract for Deed=Installment Contract=Land Contract=Real Estate Contract-mortgagee’s executory contract- REMEMBER THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS AN INSTALLMENT CONTRACT