Questions to Ask a Broker when Interviewing

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March 22, 2019
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April 2, 2019


  1. What is your commission structure?
  2. Is their a cap? When does the cap re-start? Is it on the anniversary date of my joining restart at the beginning of each year?
  3. What is commission structure on bonus? Leases?
  4. If I receive an incoming referral, do I get the full amount or will it be on my split with you?
  5. If I reduce my commission & on a split with you, will you expect your part of the commission based on a non-reduced commission split?
  6. If a deal is an in-house deal, is the commission split percentage changed?
  7. If I leave when I have clients under contract, can I still get my commission? If so, is my commission split changed?

Additional Fees:

  1. Monthly desk fees?
  2. Yearly desk fees?
  3. Sign up fees?
  4. Training fees?
  5. E&O?
  6. Does the Brokerage offer credits if I work toward a Designation or get my designation?


  1. Will you guarantee me leads?
  2. How will I get leads from the company?
  3. How are leads routed in the company?
  4. Where do leads come from?
  5. If I receive a lead from the company, is my split different?


  1. Are you a practicing Broker? If so, will you take my clients?
  2. Can I list my own house? If not, what will be the commission split if it goes to someonein the office?
  3. Can I property management or do commercial with your firm?
  4. Can I work both sides of the deal?
  5. Who owns my database if I use your CRM?
  6. Do I get to take my listings when I leave?
  7. Can I negotiate commissions on my listings or do I need to get Brokerage permission?
  8. If I do my own marketing, do I need to get permission from the Brokerage firm?
  9. Can I do Property management?
  10. What is the E & O deductible that I will be responsible for if there is a claim against me?

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