Questions To Ask Builders For New Construction

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February 28, 2019
Questions to Ask a Broker when Interviewing
April 2, 2019

1. How do I register them with you?
2. What stage is home? It looks to me per option sheet it is spec? If so, can they change anything? If not being built as spec home & it’s a ground up build from dirt, what lots are
available & elevations for this plan in neighborhood? What are limitations are number of that house being built next to each other?
3. What are the HOA fees?
4. What is the tax rate for area?
5. Is it in a PUD or LID? If so, how much is transfer tax?
6. Will you pay OTP & origination if you use your lender?
7. Is there any closing cost incentives to buyer in addition to incentives listed on flyer off price?
When will they have to write contract to get the base amount that you are advertising? When will be the next price increase?
8. Will you accept contingency? At what point in construction do you do they lose deposit if contingency can not be lifted?
9. Do you pre-treat slab?
10. How are the options paid for? A portion up front? Or can all be rolled into price of home?
How much will be due at design center?
11. What landscaping package comes with? Sprinklers? Sod?
12. Can we get bid on blinds?
13. You warranty a typical 2-10, correct?
14. Under eaves plugs? Any additional outlets? Under mount lighting in kitchen?
15. Energy ratings?
16. Closing costs incentives for buyer?
17. How long is your build time?
18.  If buyers can’t qualify, what money gets refunded?
19. How much earnest money do they need to put down? Can we do a lot hold while they think about it? How much for lot hold?
20. Any monetary incentives at Design center for their upgrades? How much will they have to pay for down payment on upgrades? Normal is 30% off total cost of upgrades must be paid for at type of selections.